Business Auto

Business Auto

The GMI Business Auto product targets contractors, artisans, building supply dealers, system installers, retailers, manufacturers, and wholesale distributors. We welcome a wide variety of classes with vehicles ranging from private passenger cars to extra heavy truck tractors. Eligible accounts are automobile fleets that support business activities where the primary goal is to sell and distribute owned products, perform contracting operations, and provide services to customers.

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Your account must fit these initial parameters to be considered for our program:

  • Three years prior commercial auto coverage
  • Five power units minimum
  • Loss ratio 30% or better
  • Satisfactory SAFER/CAB reports
  • No NY 5 Borough exposure
  • No heavy units in NY State at all
  • No for-hire or carrying of any passengers

Note: If the insured suffered a shock loss, please contact a member of our Business Development Team at 1-800-722-3229 to discuss your account first. Our Auto Program is only available to retail agents and existing wholesalers at this time.



Program Contacts

Janet Trimble
Business Development Manager
1-800-722-3229 x261

Lori Gilbert
Business Development
1-800-722-3229 x213

Beth Tindall
Business Development
1-800-722-3229 x212

Lynise Walton
Business Development
1-800-722-3229 x237