GMI Charities

The American Melanoma Foundation plays a vital role in supporting research for new treatments in melanoma. AMF holds a special place in the GMI Charities outreach initiative. We urge our partners and clients to join us in support of this all-important philanthropy.

The Clinic provides quality health care to the uninsured, in an atmosphere which fosters dignity and respect for our patients. It is our privilege to do so. Our Vision to provide quality health care with space, staff and funding sufficient to meet the needs of the growing number of unisured in our region…until everyone has access to health care.

The Hermanus Waldorf School, located in South Africa, offers pre-school and primary education to children of all races. When children from all walks of life are brought together in an atmosphere of encouragement and creativity, their natural optimism will help overcome difficulties such as language barriers and economic background. GMI has been a proud sponsor the Hermanus Waldorf School by supporting two students annually.

The Police Athletic League believes that as long as you train hard, apply yourself and have the desire to compete, in sports you are the one who dictates your final destiny. You direct your own life from right there in the gym, not from the sidelines. We are all about giving kids from our community a chance to succeed through a variety of sports opportunities. GMI has been a loyal patron of PAL for over a decade.

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P.O. Box 701
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Phone: 610-933-4679
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Toll Free: 800-722-3229