Company History

GMI has been a premier writer of Commercial Auto insurance since 1980. In the beginning, Norman Trudel focused GMI solely on the Auto Rental segment of the transportation industry. Since that time GMI has kept an eye on the insurance marketplace and looked for opportunities that would allow for growth and diversification. Sticking to its core strength as commercial auto underwriters, GMI found a need in the market place for a Mono-line Business auto program designed specifically for the those classes of business that have difficult to place General Liability and Workers Compensation lines.

In 2000 GMI rolled out a mono-line business auto program that targeted contractors and artisans. The choice to begin in this area was simple. These lines of business entail use of an insured vehicle to transport to a job site, then the vehicle sits idle while a service is completed. Once GMI found a comfort level in this area the lines of business were expanded to where they are today. The current book of GMI mono-line business consists of contractors, artisans, building supply dealers, retailers, manufacturers, and wholesale distributors. In subsequent years, GMI added an auto leasing program and continues to carry on their family’s tradition of seeking good books of commercial auto business looking for a long-term business relationship.